Applying for OFTEC registration

First, read our rules of registration and check that you meet our scheme requirements. Then, select the type(s) of OFTEC registration you wish to apply for by visiting the appropriate pages in this section and completing the registration and payment forms.

Three easy steps

The registration process is simple:

Choose your area of registration

2. Select

Select the area(s) of registration that cover your business

Fill in the Registration Form

3. Complete

Complete the appropriate OFTEC registration forms

Before completing the forms, please ensure you have the following ready:

  • Your qualifications, assessment certificate(s) or other proof of your technical competence. The exact requirements will depend on which registration you are applying for – please see the relevant page or contact our registration team for details. Please note that industry regulations, codes of practice and/or technology may have changed since you took your assessment.
  • A passport-style photograph(s) of your technician(s).
  • A copy of your current public liability insurance policy showing clearly the details of the provider, your business name, amount of cover (minimum £2M / €2.8M), expiry date and description of business activities insured.

Copies of certificates and a photograph will need to be supplied together with your application form.

For more detailed information, read our guide to OFTEC registration booklet.

What happens after I submit my application?

Once your application has been reviewed by the registration team they will contact you to take payment. You will then receive confirmation that your probationary registration has begun – this generally lasts up to around three months.

During this probationary registration, you will be contacted by your OFTEC regional inspector to arrange an initial evaluation of your business. We’ve compiled this information sheet to help you prepare for this evaluation. Upon successful completion of your evaluation, you will become a fully fledged OFTEC registered business/technician and your OFTEC ID badge and company registration certificate will be despatched to you.

Areas of registration

Click on the technology you wish to register for to read the specific requirements – you will then be able to access the online application form.

Competent person scheme


OFTEC Competent Person Scheme Oil Registration

Solid fuel

OFTEC competent person scheme Solid Fuel Registration


OFTEC competent person scheme Renewable Registration

Extensions of registration

TrustMark registration

OFTEC competent person scheme TrustMark Registration

Electrical (Part P) registration

OFTEC competent person scheme Part P Registration

MCS renewable registration

OFTEC MCS Renewable Registration

PAS 2030

PAS 2030 Certification

Non-operative registration

OFTEC competent person scheme Non-operative Registration