Application for Non-Operative registration

Holding OFTEC non-operative registration enables you to show your professionalism and demonstrates that you hold competence in your chosen scopes of registration. You will also benefit by receiving regular industry updates, quarterly Oil Installer magazines, free technical support, access to the registered technician section of the OFTEC website and discounts on industry products at OFTEC Direct.

Please note that OFTEC non-operative registration is not accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17065. If you still want to be active in heating, and self-certify work in accordance with building regulation (in participating regions), please apply for full registration status using the OFTEC R250 application form. Registering as a non-operative means you will not be able to access the OFTEC work notification system for self-certifying installation work.

To register as a non-operative you must hold current qualifications for the categories for which you wish to register. Registration is for five year periods after which you will be invited to renew. Assessments also need to be renewed every five years.


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