Campaign to cut fuel bills kicks off in the country

OFTEC, the UK trade body for oil heating, is urging oil heated homes across country to take steps to save money on their fuel bills this winter as part of the fifth annual Big Energy Saving Week (26-30 October).

Households with oil heating are currently enjoying the lowest fuel prices for six years. This means on average oil consumers are now paying £700 less than homes using electricity or LPG and £200 less than their urban counterparts connected to mains gas*.

However, there are still measures these households can take to cut their heating costs further this winter. In support of Big Energy Saving Week, a UK wide campaign providing advice on cutting fuel bills and saving energy, OFTEC is offering the following advice to households:

  • With an estimated two out of three rural households still using old, less efficient boilers, upgrading to a modern condensing model could cut fuel bills by around 20%.
  • Ensure your boiler is serviced by an OFTEC registered technician before the cold weather kicks in to ensure it is running to maximum efficiency and to prevent any breakdowns.
  • Check you have enough oil for the whole of winter and top up your tank early. With oil prices so low, users can shop around or become part of a buyers group to secure the best price.
  • Bleed your radiators to increase their efficiency.
  • Keep the heat in by stopping draughts and improving your insulation.

Malcolm Farrow, from OFTEC, added: “The continued fall in the price of heating oil is fantastic news for households across the country who will be able to make significant savings this winter. However, many rural homes in the county will still struggle with their fuel bills as a result of living in a house with very low energy efficiency. This is usually due to poor insulation and, most significantly, an old, inefficient boiler.

“In response to this, and with a cold winter predicted this year, we are advising households of the steps they can take to improve their energy efficiency, cut their fuel bills and reduce their CO2 emissions at the same time.

“To further help more rural households upgrade their boilers, OFTEC has been calling on the government to provide support and funding to re-introduce a simple boiler scrappage scheme which has already proved successful in this country and Northern Ireland.”

You can find more heating advice at

*Sutherland Comparative Domestic Heating Costs Tables, July 2015

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