Application for PAS 2030 registration

This form will enable you to request certification as an installation business under PAS 2030 (Improving the Energy Efficiency of Existing Buildings).

This form is only to be completed if your business would like to have approval to install Energy Efficient Measures (EEM) and is based in the United Kingdom.

Registration is for a one year period with renewal and surveillance required annually.

Please note:

  • Please read OFTEC rules for registration (R100). Download a copy here.
  • PAS 2030 is the ‘Specification for installation process, process management and service provision’.
  • Your OFTEC regional inspector will be required to evaluate your business to the requirements of
    PAS 2030 annually and carry out an on-site competency check of a registered technician and a
    completed Energy Efficiency Measure installation.
  • If you complete more than 100 installations of a particular Energy Efficiency Measure in one year,
    additional surveillance will be required at additional costs. Please contact registration services for
    further details Tel 01473 626 298.

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