About OFTEC registration schemes

OFTEC has its roots in the oil heating industry and today offers a range of competent persons registration services for heating businesses and technicians. The schemes have been developed to suit the varying regulations and opportunities that apply in different parts of the UK and the Republic of Ireland including:

Employing an OFTEC registered technician is the best guarantee that work on your heating system will be performed to a high level of competence and comply with relevant Building Regulations and manufacturers’ installation requirements.

Registering with OFTEC, advancing through our ongoing assessment process and using our technical support will provide strong foundations for your work as a heating professional. We work closely with training providers and inspect the work of all our registered technicians to ensure they meet the required standards of the heating industry. We are in close contact with manufacturers, regulators and regional authorities across the UK and the Republic of Ireland and can advise on the different local arrangements that may apply.