OFTEC Solid Fuel Registration

The popularity of open fires, room heaters and wood burning stoves provides a potential business opportunity for installers and servicing technicians.

OFTEC offers solid fuel registration as part of its competent person scheme services. By registering, you demonstrate your competence and professionalism to customers and show you work in compliance with building regulations.

To ensure customer safety and optimum performance, new and replacement solid fuel combustion appliances must be installed in accordance with regional building regulations as well as manufacturers’ installation instructions.

For regions where the government has authorised self-certification, OFTEC registered installers can use the OFTEC work notification scheme to certify that the solid fuel installation has been carried out in accordance with building regulations. Householders in these regions will receive a building regulation compliance certificate from OFTEC, and benefit from a workmanship warranty should the installation not meet building regulation requirements and the installer is no longer in business.

Scopes of Registration

  • OFT15-108(D)
    Installation, commissioning and servicing of solid fuel burning appliances (dry space heating).
  • OFT15-108(W)
    Installation, commissioning and servicing of solid fuel burning appliances with space heating and hot water heating.
  • OFT18-108(S)
    Service, maintenance, repair or commissioning of solid fuel burning appliances.

The qualifications you need

Applicants for OFTEC solid fuel registration must have a recognised technical qualification in solid fuel installation, taken within the last four years.  Suitable qualifications are those mapped to the current minimum technical competences (MTC) for solid fuel or NVQ level 3 diploma in plumbing and heating with solid fuel option. Visit the gov.uk website for further information about the MTC’s.

If you are already registered with OFTEC, you can apply to extend your existing business registration. New applicants will first need to complete an initial evaluation. If your technical qualification is older than four years you will have to retake a course and update your qualification to current industry practice before you register.

To find out more, download a copy of OFTEC’s solid fuel registration information sheet.

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Alternatively, if you would like a paper copy of the application form, please click here to download yourself or to receive a copy by email.


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