OFTEC Technician Training

It is vital that heating technicians are properly trained for the work they carry out. OFTEC training is designed to provide confidence for the technician and peace of mind for customers but is also important for safety, environmental and economic reasons. Because of this, ensuring that technicians undertake appropriate training and assessment is central to OFTEC’s competent person registration scheme.

All OFTEC’s scopes of registration require technicians to demonstrate their competence. Applicants do this by providing evidence of the training they have successfully completed and by fulfilling OFTEC’s own inspection and scheme conditions. This is necessary when a heating technician first joins, but is also an ongoing requirement designed to ensure OFTEC registered technicians keep up to date with the latest industry developments.

You can find out our entry requirements for each scope of registration by visiting the areas of registration section. Note that the qualifications we require vary, depending on the scope you wish to apply for.

OFTEC works closely with a network of approved independent training providers throughout the UK and Ireland, including some mobile units, to ensure that appropriate training is available. Visit our find a training centre page to find an OFTEC training provider in your area.