TrustMark Registration

TrustMark is the Government Endorsed Quality Scheme which covers work carried out in or around homes. Joining TrustMark complements the Competent Person Scheme registration and provides consumers with added peace of mind that they are engaging with a business which has been thoroughly vetted to meet required standards and which has also made a commitment to good customer service and trading practices.

Government is heavily promoting this scheme and has made it a condition of several funding initiatives like the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Green Homes Grant scheme (GHG), running from September 2020 to March 2022. One of the reasons that Government is endorsing the scheme is that it gives consumers a certain level of expectation of the way a registered business will carry out work in their home through the Customer Charter. Plus, in the event that a problem does arise, TrustMark offers a range of remedies to give further protection to consumers.


Why should I register for TrustMark through OFTEC?

The TrustMark scheme offers a range of benefits to registered businesses such as:

  • Portal where you can upload information about your business
  • Financial plans for your customers,
  • Free business leads from the TrustMark customer search system,
  • Access to TrustMark’s business partnerships
  • Use of the TrustMark logo (subject to a licence agreement) and other marketing material
  • Access to Government funded installation work such as the Green Homes Grants.

To find out more visit the TrustMark website or download the registered business benefits leaflet


TrustMark and the Green Homes Grant scheme

The Green Homes Grant scheme, which Chancellor Rishi Sunak launched in his summer statement, officially launched on 30th September 2020. It will see £2bn invested in improving the energy efficiency of homes across England (other regions are not currently included in this scheme). A condition of the Government’s Green Homes Grant is that all work must be carried out by a TrustMark certified business and only these businesses will be able to claim the funding for these vouchers. For renewable low carbon heating installed under the Green Homes Grant scheme MCS registration is also a requirement and available through OFTEC. In January 2021, the T&Cs were amended to allow GHG registered businesses to subcontract out the work to businesses that do not hold TrustMark, MCS or PAS registration this is because the GHG registered business assumes full liability for the work carried out by the subcontractor.

The Green Homes Grant scheme provides a voucher to the consumer that goes towards a portion of the installation costs of approved measures and OFTEC is proud to be able to offer certification to cover the following Green Homes Grant measures;

  • Low carbon heat: Air source heat pump, ground source heat pump, solar thermal and biomass pellet boilers

TrustMark registration for the Green Homes Grant scheme is an extension to OFTEC’s CPS and MCS registration for the above measures.

Further information on TrustMark and the Green Homes Grant can be found on the TrustMark website. If you would like to signpost your customers to information about eligibility and the application process for the Green Homes Grants, the information can be found on the government website.

To find out more visit the TrustMark website or download the registered business benefits leaflet

The Government has recently published further guidance on the GHG scheme to clarify the ancillary work that can also be claimed for as part of low carbon heating measures, this includes things like design drawings and calculations, pipework, buffer tank, hot water cylinder, underfloor heating or high capacity radiators.


How do I become registered for TrustMark?

You can apply for TrustMark registration as an extension to the OFTEC Competent person scheme (CPS) for the following trades:

  • Heating engineer (liquid fuel)
  • Electrical
  • Heat pumps
  • Biomass
  • Solar thermal

We operate our TrustMark registration scheme in accordance with the Framework Operating Requirements which set out the systems we must adhere to when approving businesses for TrustMark registration.

Businesses that wish to register for TrustMark with OFTEC must follow the TrustMark code of conduct as well as OFTEC’s rules for registration R100.

Many of the requirements for TrustMark are systems that you will already have in place, but prior to acceptance onto the scheme, one of our compliance team will carry out a desktop audit of your business.

Complete the application form

To start the application process, download and complete the TrustMark application form. Then, once we have reviewed your application, one of our team will be in touch to collect the £95+VAT annual registration fee and to arrange the audit.

Alternatively, to find out more or discuss your options please email the registration team.


Becoming a GHG installer

Once you have added MCS and TrustMark registration and are ready to start installations under the GHG scheme, you need to be listed as an approved GHG installer. Visit the government website to enter your details on their database.

Still unsure? There is an installer guidance page for the GHG scheme here.